Pima JTED Foundation Donors award scholarships to eligible graduating seniors who will continue their career education at a post-secondary institution.

Criteria to Apply:

  1. Student must be a graduating senior
    • Students who have completed a CTE/JTED Program prior to their senior year may submit an application during their senior year
  2. Student must be a concentrator in a Pima JTED (Central or Satellite Campus) Program
    • A concentrator is defined as a student who has earned at least two credits in the same program area
  3. Student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in their CTE Program of Concentration
  4. Student must enroll in post-secondary education institution upon graduation
  5. Student must have participated in the CTE Program CTSO or in a Community Organization
  6. Student must upload high school transcript
  7. Student must complete and upload the Permission to Publish Form CLICK HERE
  8. Student must submit an essay that addresses the following:
    • Describe how your CTE Program guided your career path
      • Must include name and scholarship title
      • Must address these key areas:
        • Any participation in CTSO or in a Community Organization
        • Your leadership roles in CTSO or Community Organization
        • Awards or recognitions earned
        • Industry Credential or Certification earned
        • Any financial need
    • Describe your growth as a result of your participation in your CTE Program

Maximum 300 Words

Follow all grammar and punctuation rules

Be sure to proofread your essay and have a teacher or counselor review it prior to submission

CLICK HERE to access and submit the Application