Workplace Award

$750 -$1500 Awards – Depending on choice of trade

These awards are for our JTED graduates entering the workforce upon completion of their high school graduation.  We ask for a minimum one-year commitment to the trade.


  • Student must be a Senior to apply.   (Students who have finished a Pima JTED program earlier may submit an application during their Senior year)
  • Student must be a concentrator in a Pima JTED (central or satellite program)
  • Student must have a 3.0 GPA in their Pima JTED program of concentration
  • Student should demonstrate participation in a CTSO or another community or leadership role
  • Submit an essay addressing the impact your Pima JTED program/programs has had on your career goals along with any accomplishments and growth you have had as a student in your program/programs.

Selection process:

Student essays will be reviewed and scored based on:

  • The strength of their message about their CTE or Pima JTED program and their career goals
  • Evidence of their accomplishment and growth as a student in that program
  • Quality of the finished written piece. 

    Note to students: be sure to proofread your essay or have a trusted friend read it. Check your spelling and grammar.

All awards will be sent to applicant once proof of employment has been confirmed.