The Pima JTED Foundation is an option for a student who has demonstrated financial need to apply for funds to cover program expenses. Funds may be used for, but are not limited to, the following that are required to enter/complete a JTED program: Certification, testing, supplies, books, equipment, uniforms, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


  1. Students who demonstrate a financial need, and who attend either a Pima JTED Central Campus program or a Pima JTED CTE program within a member district are eligible to apply for assistance through the Pima JTED Foundation.
  2. This form is to be completed by an instructor, counselor, principal, or CTE director.
  3. Complete descriptions of items, including size, color, preferred vendor, and estimated cost(s) are required. Links to specific product websites may be included.
  4. This form will be submitted to the Pima JTED Superintendent’s Office for approval and processing.
  5. Textbooks and supplies will be sent to the student’s instructor at the campus indicated on the form. Please allow two weeks for delivery.
  6. Funding for certifications, tests, and/or licenses will be sent directly to the agency.
  7. The person submitting the form will receive an email verification including a pdf of the form for his or her records.
  8. The person submitting the form will be notified via email when the request has been fulfilled, or will be notified in the event it is denied.
  9. Contact Us if you have questions.

Student Support Request

Form for Pima JTED students to request funds to cover JTED program expenses including, but not limited to; certification, testing, supplies, books, equipment, uniforms, and PPE.

Student Program Related Assistance Application

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