For Teachers:
New! Increased Amount to $2,000

The Pima JTED Foundation is offering externships for 12 high school CTE teachers to work two weeks in a business in their program area. The Pima JTED Foundation will solicit businesses but teachers are encouraged to find a business in their field willing to participate with this project. Teachers will write a short paper describing how this experience will be used in the classroom. When work and paperwork are complete, Pima JTED Foundation will pay $2,000 to teachers for their 80 hours/2- week experience.

Deadline: April 19, 2020

For Businesses:

The Pima JTED Foundation would like to support 12 teachers in a 2-week summer work experience in their program area. This experience in the workplace will allow the teacher to keep abreast of changes in the field and use that knowledge in the classroom. The teacher will be paid by the Pima JTED Foundation for this externship. Teachers will write a paper addressing how the experience will positively affect their teaching. We would ask that the business write a short review about this project. If you would be willing to participate again in this project, please include that in the review and send to Letty Renteria at

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